Guidelines for Maintenance and Cleaning

1. Protective Measures:
- Safeguard your laminate flooring by attaching non-staining floor protectors with a minimum diameter
of 1" to the legs of chairs, appliances, and heavy furniture. Regularly clean these protectors to eliminate
any embedded grit that might cause scratches.
2. Entrance Mats:
- Position entrance mats with non-slip rubberized backing at doorways. Ensure that mats and area rugs
are labeled as non-staining.
3. Office Chair Care:
- Shield your floor from office chairs with casters by using a hard surface (non-studded), non-rubber
chair mat.
4. Pet Care:
- Keep your pets' nails trimmed to prevent any accidental scratches on the laminate surface.
5. Footwear Awareness:
- Before walking on the floor, remove shoes with cleats, spikes, or pointed high heels to avoid potential
6. Regular Cleaning Routine:
- Maintain cleanliness by regularly sweeping the floor with a soft bristle broom to eliminate loose dirt
and debris.
7. Professional Cleansing:
- Periodically clean the floor using a professional vinyl floor cleanser, such as the recommended P/H
Neutral vinyl cleanser.
8. Everyday Maintenance:
- For daily cleaning, a damp mop moistened with warm water is sufficient. Avoid using a steam mop.
9. Avoid High-Speed Buffers:
- Refrain from using high-speed buffers on the laminate floor.
10. Mindful Moving:
- When repositioning furniture, appliances, or other heavy items, always lift and carry them instead of
pushing, pulling, or dragging to prevent any potential floor damage.
By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure the prolonged beauty and durability of your laminate